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Meet Tas

The Silver and white tabby
Jasmine Smith Norwich

This is Tas! His sister called Arya is also on here so please vote for her too! Tas is a naughty tom-boy who loves to run around and create fun in the house. He loves cat biscuits too! He is very michevious but can also be lovely to sit with! He is TOO naughty for us and loves chasing his little sister Arya! He is good at fighting and has a cute meow! I am 12 years old and would love you to vote for him. Thanks!

8 months
Biscuit Boy, Tassy, Tassy-Wassy-Woo-Woo,Tassy-Wassy
Tas loves being with people and loves playing with toys. He is also likes spying on his sister, waking her up and play fighting with her!
He doesn't like fire or the roads or other cats as he goes all bushy and fluffs up his whole body so his tail looks like a squirrels.
Favorite Foods
Biscuits, Whiskers and Felix
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with toy mouses, biting your feet and rolling around on them

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