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Meet Miss Emma

The mixed
Jim Van Troyen Kelowna British Columbia
6-7 months
Emma (mostly) (when she talks I call her Squeaky because instead of meowing she squeaks!
climbing, chewing, chasing, hiding, being high to look over things, playing with her toy on a stick, eating and sleeping with us.
nothing! She eats EVERYTHING! Doesn't like to be alone. Doesn't like it is you are paying more attention to your computer or phone and come right between you and tickle your nose and squeak.
Favorite Foods
Meow Mix, Fancy Feast (any flavours) Tender Treats chicken & beef usually. frisks. I made a salad yesterday & the little monkey stole a mouth full of cheese and ran off to eat it! She loves to eat!
Favorite Pastimes
cuddling with you in her quiet moments, being petted. Following you everywhere you go including the bathroom when you have a bath she will sit on edge and dip her paw in once in a while.

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