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Meet Gandalf

The Who knows?
Jonathan Baum Kibbutz Sasa, Israel

I'm Gandalf, a handsome grey tom and the local "cock of the walk." My original owner had to leave my kibbutz, but my current human invited me in for a snack, and I've been with him ever since. When I'm not patrolling the neighborhood, I'm home sleeping on top of my human's sofa or holding court on his leather chair.

5 years.
"Gandalf The Grey" "Mithrandir" "The Grey Wanderer"
Getting scratched behine my ears, getting stroked on my human's lap
The cat upstairs
Favorite Foods
Purina Friskies, sliced turkey
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, Resting on top of my human's tool shed, chasing the red dot, clawing the sofa

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