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Meet Ernie (short for Ernest Hemingway)

The Adoption place said he was a Hemingway Cat --has an extra digit on front paws
Nancy Hopkins

When I start singing around the house, Ernie usually hides under his blanket on the bed,.

Adopted Ernie two years ago and fell in love with his big white paws.  He taps me on the shoulder or arm when he's looking for attention.  He also has a white heart shape under his neck.  Very talkative and struts around like a tough guy.  I just love him to pieces.

4 yrs old
Loves catnip treats in the morning and looking out our front window
doesn't like to be held or cuddled
Favorite Foods
Catnip treats
Favorite Pastimes
He wants to be scratched and petted constantly on his head; cheeks and near his tail.

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