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Meet Princess

The American shorthair I think.
Desire'e Sydney, Australia, Hoxton Park

This is a photo of my cat Princess.  In the past she had a litter of 4 kittens, one of which we were gladly able to keep.

She's very delicate, and can become easily annoyed, and that has unfortunately progressed over time.  However, she's the 'Boss' cat out of all 4 of our cats, and is a bit naughty as she 'likes things her own way'. 

I'm usually the only one who can pat her and what not, as she know's me as her Mum.

Princa pessa, Pintina.
Running around outside. Her mama. Grass.
Being handled too much. Other cats trying to take over her 'territory'. Newcomers. SURPRISE, water.
Favorite Foods
Corn, expensive cat food, chicken breast, pasta.
Favorite Pastimes
Free time. Food time. Play time. Sunset.

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