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Meet Marshmallow

Jonette Ferris Fisher Pa

Marshmallow is a sweet, loving cat! He is all white.  Skittish around other people. But if you rub his head he will be your best friend! He loves the song he was named after, Marshmallow World. He hax one sistef, Holly, who has extra toes on all 4 paws. A brother, Jingle Belld, who has extra toes on his 2 front paws. But Marshmallow is "normal". 

Marsh, marshmallow cream
catnip, head rubs, milk rings, napping on top of the closet, cream, and mummy.
rubbing his tummy or touching his ears,company, and leashes
Favorite Foods
Canned food and pounce treats
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping and watching CatTv

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