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Meet Sienna

Robyn Dagenham

Sienna is most like her Mum, both in looks and in personality (She is the daughter of Matilda & Sister of Skye in this competition). She is the more laid-back one who can be easily picked up and cuddled. They say the quiet ones are the worst, and if anything is out of place you can be sure to know that Sienna has been up to mischief and 'done it on the quiet!' You will sometimes hear her quietly meowing, which normally means she has a toy mouse, a straw, or a ball for you.

2 Years
A good ol cuddle with Mummy.
Too many new people around her at once.
Favorite Foods
Chicken & yoghurts!
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with 'mousie' on her crinkle bag.

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