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Meet Huluu

The Domestic Shorthair
Nikki Zawadzki Vancouver, BC

We adopted Huluu and her brother as kittens. The woman who gave her to us was Persian; we asked her "how do you say Peaches in Persian?" Huluu is the Persian word for Peaches. We think Huluu must have some Siamese in her though because she is extremely talkative, lucky us! We think she was a supermodel in another life; she is a gorgeous diva.

4 1/2 years old
The baby lady, Hulina, the Brazilian, Medium (the other 2 are small and large), Chatty Cathy
Having her belly rubbed.
Bananas (she makes a grumpy cat face when we offer them to her) and the vacuum cleaner!
Favorite Foods
Chicken, cream cheese, prawns.
Favorite Pastimes
Walking around the house and yelling, having her belly rubbed, sitting at the dinner table when we're having chicken and 'slow blinking' at us.

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