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Meet Emmy & Sammy

The Lynx point mix siamese
Cathy & Albert Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Our 'twins' were born to a feral mother at a local high school.  They were taken away before they could become like her.  They are loving, follow us around the house all day and are spoiled rotten.  Yes, those blue eyes get us every time. When we got them they were 1 lb. 4 oz and 1 lb. 6 oz.  They are now 5 lbs and 7 lbs.

In this pic, they're about 6 months old
Emmy Lou, Samster
Following us anywhere. They like our company
Vacuum cleaner
Favorite Foods
Emmy - Whipped Cream; Sammy - Spare ribs and caesar salad
Favorite Pastimes
Lap sitting, 4 p.m. elegant medleys treat, making the bed

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