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Meet Callie

The Calico
Ellen Cole Kuna, Idaho
Callie is a funny, feisty little girl who can make a toy out of anything. She loves cuddling, curling up under the covers to nap, and playing with her feline brother Toby. She is fascinated by dripping water, and she will hold her head under the bathroom faucet to get a drink. Also, she is fond of lying in the bathroom sink. Callie is a total joy and a great friend!
2-1/2 years old
Miss Callie, Cal Girl
Sinks, dripping water, yummy treats, chasing her brother Toby around the house
Coming inside when called, sudden noises
Favorite Foods
Greenies treats, all types of wet food, chips
Favorite Pastimes
Sitting on her window perch, finding cozy hiding places, play fighting with Toby, exploring the backyard

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