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Meet Sonny

The Domestic semi-long haired
Zoe Cambridge, UK

Sonny is such a sweetheart and a sociable cat. He follows us everywhere! He is a liver shunt cat so is very poorly but he is doing well on his medication. He would love to get your vote :)

2 years
Pudding pie, Mr. Fluff Puff, Fluffy pants, Pussin boy.
Loves Hammie the hamster (toy) and Tweetie the toy mouse. Likes to curl up on your lap and loves to get chin rubs! When Sonny is feeling poorly he loves cuddles and likes to sit on your shoulders!!
Sometimes Sonny gets scared of doggies.
Favorite Foods
Sonny has to be given a special diet but on the odd occasion he is allowed a yummy piece of cod fillet!! He loves it!
Favorite Pastimes
Lounging on his window Hammock- a present from our lovely friend Janet!

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