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Meet Monte

The Ragamuffin
Natalie Maple

Monte is a cute fluffy kitty with a sweet demeanor. He loves to nap, eat kibble and keep a watchful eye on his family. He loves being groomed. Monte is quick to jump up onto the ottoman when he hears the rasp of his grooming brush. Brushing under his chin will illicit enthusiastic purring. His favorite pastimes are napping, sleeping, resting and taking a load off. His favorite toy is an orange mouse stuffed with catnip. He'll flop on his back curling his paws when he hears his name.

Eating kibble, napping, sticking his tongue out
The Vacuum, loud noises
Favorite Foods
Kibble, treats that taste like kibble
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping in the sink, napping on the couch, resting by the fireplace on his back

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