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Meet Kuzya

The Domestic Shorthair
Anastassia Renton

Kuzya is almost 12 years old, very loving, handsome and well-behaving cat. He is a big guy but don’t be fooled: despite his cozy looks he is a very skillful hunter and generous “present” giver. Kuzya is talkative and is really good in expressing his needs. He follows me around the house and sleeps with me at night. He likes to be held on my shoulder like a baby. He drools, purrs and flexes his paws all the time.

Kotunis, Kuzen'ka, Kuzechka, Kotichek, Kisyulina
Laser, cuddling
Being on his back
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, eating, hunting, grooming

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