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Meet Tigger

The American Shorthair (Tabby Flavored)
Jaydee Dusenberry Hermiston

Tigger is about 12 years old. He was a self rescue. Meaning he was a feral kitten that wanted nothing to do with my attempts to befriend him. But the day before my daughter went off to college, and I would have been all alone, he came running in the open front door, came directly to me, and has been my buddy ever since. When a litter of kittens was abandoned by thier mother in my yard, I brought them in to bottle feed and care for, Tigger adopted them and taught them the litter box

Tiggums, Tiggle Wiggle, Fuzzy Guy
Sleeping and cuddling
Anything that isnt Tuna!
Favorite Foods
Tuna, or if its not tuna, other fish based delicacies
Favorite Pastimes
Tormenting his little stuffed scrubbing bubble that he claimed from me

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