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Meet Onyx Peter

The Half Siamese/ Half Unknown
Nicole Gurule Los Angeles

My name is Onyx. I was 10 weeks when my mom found me. I lived behind a dumpster & one night I saw people coming around. I came out to say hi & while they kept walking by me, I just watched w/ big eyes. Finally my mommy noticed me & smiled. I walked up to her & sat at her feet. From that moment we shared a forever bond. She took me home w/ her & gave me a bath & I became an indoor cat. She rescued me but she says, I RESCUED HER!  

king onyx
starring out windows, going for walks, cuddle under the covers, rubs on his tummy, feather toys, rolling around in the grass, and playing in the garage
loud noises, fireworks, and crazy dogs.
Favorite Foods
turkey and ice cream
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping by my mommy

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