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Meet Ollie

The long haired tabby
Lori Ryder bournemouth


catmint? what catmint?

Getting on a bit now and loves a hassle free life.Has been the best cat ever , never bitten or scratched ever even under duress.Just wants to be fussed and loved constantly, so much so he's very demanding and will get your hand with his paw and make you stroke him, if you choose to ignore him he will gently pat your chin until you do.The most gentle gentleman cat of all time especially when he came as a ferral cat from a farm. Amazing!!

cuddles, any cat biscuits, treats, yogurt lids to lick,and being brushed.
hoover, anyone coughing, plastic bags ,hosepipes.
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping , cuddles, sunbathing eating the nepita(cat nip) plant

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