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Meet Vinnie

The Mackerel Tabby
Marisol and Mario Hernandez Tempe, Arizona

Hello everyone, my name is Vinnie my daddy likes to call me vinancho or monito but to my mommy im her baby, my mommy and daddy adopted me from the local petsmart when I was 4months, I love them with all my heart and I know they love me too:D I love to cuddle with my mommy and daddy after thier long days at work. Im very friendly and love it when other people come and visit me. I also love ALL of my toys! especially the ones with feathers;D

8 months
Vinancho, VinnieBabez
feathers and string, belly rubs, head and chin rubs, watching people go by the window, lasers, and playing on the iPad.
loud noises, baths.
Favorite Foods
Blue spa select tuna and salmon wet food, pet greens semi-moist treats in salmon flavor, mums tuna sandwich and her yummy chicken and biscuits.
Favorite Pastimes
watching the outside world, playing with feathers and string, and cuddling with my mommy and daddy.

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