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Meet Bootsie

The Mixed
Becky Chastain Leonard,Texas

Bootsie is 13 years old,20 lbs, long haired,does lots of tricks including ,being a silly cat on command,throws her fuzzballs into the air and catches them,singing,fetch,whispering, and being a growling guard cat-for real she growls at strange cars!

Bootsie Boo
Bossing 4 year old Sasi!
Hairball meds
Favorite Foods
She eats her cat food and occasionally I'll give her cooked chicken bits bc she begs for them and for a sip of milk from a spoon when I'm finished eating cereal or ice cream!
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with fuzzballs on the couch. Either throwing and catching them or putting them in the corners and getting them out!

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