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Meet Ted

The Tabby
Lorraine Babee & Steeve Fortin Port-Cartier

This is Ted. He is our third fur baby. He ended up at a shelter early one spring when he was only five or 6 month old. Nobody came in to claim the little furball and he won our hearts over in one quarky look. We leaned down and peered into a bottom cage and he tilted his head and closed one eye while staring intently back at us through the open one. He had attitude. He belonged with us.

Tuna, chasing bugs,with his buddy,Treize (feline friend)
wet snow, neighbor's white cat, car rides
Favorite Foods
filet mignon, crab, lobster, shrimp, grouse, caplan
Favorite Pastimes
bird watching, playing with almost any Cat-It toys, trying to persuade any human to give him treats

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