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Meet Bree

The Short haired tabby/calico
Jaime Brown Nanaimo

Bree is a very wonderful cat her fur is so soft and her belly is so fuzzy and soft. She is the only cat I know that won't touch people food and doesn't even like tuna or milk, my kids left their chicken on their plates and she never touched it. and even at 6 she still plays like a kitten.

6 years old
Bree Bree
Toy mice,string, her tunnel and tummy rubs
people food, baths, our puppies right now
Favorite Foods
Friskeys cat food, Temptation cat treats, and licking all the sauce off her wet food
Favorite Pastimes
Playing, tummy rubs, morning cuddles( she will wake us up by tapping her paw on us)

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