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Meet Princess Piper

The Persian (Teacup)
Skyla Spencer Nashville, TN

Princess Piper came into my life a little over two years ago. She weighs only 6 pounds (teacup size) & was given to me. She is 6. The people could no longer care for her. She wasn't exactly what I call in top condition when I picked her up. Her hair was all cut off, covered in many fleas, & she was a little underweight. Now sometime later & a vet visit, she is loving the outdoors & her throne of course. Lives with Pawl McCatney in Music City.

Miss Priss
running & playing outside, chasing Pawl McCatney
Being told No.
Favorite Foods
Meow Mix, Tuna Fancy Feast
Favorite Pastimes
Watching birds & squirrels, playing with Sir Pawl McCatney

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