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Meet Pawl McCatney

The Maine Coon
Skyla Spencer Nashville, TN

Pawl McCatney came into my life a little over three years ago. He needed a longterm home. He showed up on my friends doorstep one day, & she took care of him for a few months. She wanted me to take him, but at that time my cat Chance was dying from cancer. After Chance passed, I didn't think I could emotionally have another cat, but after babysitting Pawl one night for my dear friend I fell in love with him. The rest is history. He lives with Princess Piper.

8 or 9 approx.
Sir Pawl, Pawl Pawl, Polly
LOVES all Music, especially when I sing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"
Favorite Foods
Meow Mix, Tuna Fancy Feast
Favorite Pastimes
Chasing mouse cursor on computer, chasing Princess Piper

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