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Meet Pawl McCatney

The Maine Coon
Skyla Spencer Nashville, TN

Pawl McCatney came into my life a little over three years ago. He needed a longterm home. He showed up on my friends doorstep one day, & she took care of him for a few months. She wanted me to take him, but at that time my cat Chance was dying from cancer. After Chance passed, I didn't think I could emotionally have another cat, but after babysitting Pawl one night for my dear friend I fell in love with him. The rest is history. He lives with Princess Piper.

approx. 8 or 9
Sir Pawl, Pawl Pawl, Polly
Catnip, loves scratching posts- He wears them out actually (but is better than my furniture)
Outdoors, does not like shut doors
Favorite Foods
Meow Mix
Favorite Pastimes
Loves to cuddle,likes to chase mouse cursor on the computer

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