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Meet Dale

The Ragdoll
Alicia Gulbransen Langley, BC

Hi there! My name is Dale and I'm a 5 month old Ragdoll.  My favourite activities include snuggling, eating, chasing toys and watching reality TV.  I am an indoor cat but I love to lay on window sills and watch the birds fly by.  I am a very sweet boy and I love making new friends whether it's a cat, dog, or even a human! I hope you like my pictures :)

5 months
Dumb Dumb Dale
Snuggling, treats, crinkle balls, catnip, other cats/dogs
Stinky litter boxes, being alone, that red dot I can never catch
Favorite Foods
Medi-Cal Royal Canin Development and ANY kind of treats!
Favorite Pastimes
Snuggling, eating, chasing toys, watching reality TV

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