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Meet Kiko and Tiko

The domestic shorthair
Edith Skelton Everett, Ontario, Canada

Kiko (all orange) is very friendly and so spoiled.  Tiko (orange and white) is more timid than Kiko.  They both like to be petted.  Kiko loves to get hugs and sleep with you.  Tiko is the more independent cat.  Most times Tiko likes to do his own thing and just be left alone. . 

Kiko is 8 and Tiko is 7
Kiko loves attention and hugs and getting petted. Tiko likes to come to you when he wants attention. He is very independent.
Kiko and Tiko both don't like dogs.
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
Kiko being cuddled and Tiko off playing with his toys.

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