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Meet Dazz

The Black cat
W. Malone West Nyack

Dazz is a little cat  born in March 2012. He has a birth defect of his front legs referred to as Radial Hypoplasia . He walks on his elbows and often stands upright on his hind legs. Despite some difficulties, he plays like any other cat and can jump onto beds and couches. He has the most gentle demeanor, is constantly purring, always loving and comes running when called. He is referred to as Dazz the Dazzler as he dazzles us with his zest for life and can do attitude.

Prince Dazz
watching birds and other animals outside, playing with the catnip toy, wet food, sleeping in front of the fireplace, playing with his sister Misty.
none - he is easy going
Favorite Foods
real fish or chicken
Favorite Pastimes

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