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Meet Phoebe

The Long-haired orange tabby
Dani-Elle Dubé Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Poebe is full of personality. She's talkative and playful and loves to sleep on her back, exposing her belly while snoring. Also known as "Phoebers Magoo" and "Phoebe Baby", she loves her popcorn, olives and chips. Very affectionate, she always has to either hold your hand or fully commit to your lap, all while purring louder than a lawn mower. Phoebe is known for her lion-like mane, perfect cat cheeks and human-like personality.

10 years old
Phoebers Magoo, Phoebe Baby, Phoebes Magoo McGillicutty, Lion Kitty
food, sleeping on her back, soft blankets, the sun, playing, getting a bath from her sister Rudi (a short-haired orange tabby).
sour candies, dogs, being wet
Favorite Foods
popcorn, olives, chips.
Favorite Pastimes
ambushing her older sister Rudi (a short-haired orange tabby), having conversations with humans, eating, sleeping

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