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Meet Denzel

The Tabby
Kerrie Winegarden London Ontario

Denzel is an adorable little rescue kitty from London, Ontario. He came to his forever home as a stray who wandered into their friend's home one summer afternoon. He has an older kitty brother named Igby. Denzel actually came to his forever home on Igby's 5th birthday, July 17th (2013). We like to think that Denzel was Igby's best birthday present. Denzel loves his older brother; they nap, cuddle, and play with eachother everyday. We are so lucky to have Denzel! 

9 months
Denny, Denzoodle, Den, Zoodle
the nip! , cuddling, napping, wrestling, climbing the scratch post, nibbling on human toes
strong smells, such as mommy's nail polish, and the evil vacuum cleaner!
Favorite Foods
Does catnip count? That and blueberries!
Favorite Pastimes
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