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Meet Camira

The Sphynx
CJ and Caitlin Young Laramie, Wyoming

My name is Camira, I'm a two year old Sphyx cat, although my parents would tell you I'm in my terrible twos. My parents live in Wyoming which means I spend most of my winter days curled up under blankets by the fire lunging out at my unsuspecting humans as they walk by. My favorite activities include getting pet (but only 7 times, then I bite), randomly running to other rooms in the middle of the night, and knocking absolutely everything I can over! 

Running to randomly selected rooms in the middle of the night, knocking things over, cuddling
Snow, cold, non-Purina cat food.
Favorite Foods
Potato chips, whipped cream
Favorite Pastimes
Hiding in warm blankets, drawers, anywhere that I can be warm!

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