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Meet Jean Grey

The Domestic Short Hair
Sarah Dublin

Jean adopted us shortly after we lost our beloved dog Kirsty.  She leapt out of a bush on me in the back garden.  She was maybe 6 months old. She was incredibly friendly and house trained so she must have belonged to someone.  We put posters up and asked around but nobody claimed her.  Of course we were all delighted!  She just appeared, grey fluff, out of nowhere and was almost like a Kirsty re-born so we called her Jean Grey after the Comic book superheroine.

Puddin', Puddies,
Attention, Tuna, Sleeping on her back, Sunshine, Stretching, The hot press, Bags, Sitting at the table for meal times, Cashmere, Wine corks, Drinking from the bathroom tap, Drinking the milk off your cereal
Being ignored, The sound of the electric carver, Rain, Neighbour's cat Toby getting any attention
Favorite Foods
Tuna, Gourmet Gold Chicken in White Sauce
Favorite Pastimes
Eating, Sleeping, Getting attention

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