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Meet Simon

The Siamese/Himalayan
Maria Bindert Augusta, Ontario

Hi, it is me, Simon!  I am the mummy's favourite Kitty! TeeHee!  I have my own facebook page, "Simon Says.".  I love to snuggle with my sister, Mya Kitty and tolerate my sister Gigi who is a Chug.   I love to be near or close to my family especially my human, Michaela.  I love to just lie in the sun, watch the birds through the window and give Mya a bath, sometimes I will give Gigi one too!  Hope you can vote for me! Love youse all, Simon.

5.10 years old
Fat Boy, Lover Boy, Wrangler, Georgie
Treats, Mya Kitty, Sun Worshipper, Clean litter box, Wrestling with Gigi
Dirty Litter Box, Someone invading my space, Noisy dogs
Favorite Foods
Steak, hamburger, Cheerios
Favorite Pastimes
Being near the mummy. Obtaining attention from my human, Michaela

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