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Meet Padmé

The domestic short hair
Eden Justus Freeburg

Padmé came home with me at the age of she two months old. After a lot of begging, my parents allowed her to stay and she has become a big part of the family. She has grown into a beautiful, smart, and very mischevious cat (who now weighs 12 pounds by the way). And she has become my best friend and I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world (even when she wakes me up at 2am).  

Beebee, Lard-muffin, butt-head
taking naps, bird watching, string
smell of nail polish, people besides my family, my family smelling like other cats or dogs
Favorite Foods
strawberry yogurt, chicken, deli turkey, milk, anything I can lick off the kitchen floor
Favorite Pastimes
stealing objects and hiding them, knocking over cups, rummaging through purses and backpacks, drinking from the sink, sassing mom when I get in trouble

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