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Meet A Boy Named Sue

The Domestic Shorthair
Asia Bryant Lubbock Tx
This is Sue. He was a stray in my old neighborhood. He was scrawny and was always running from the stray dogs and having to fight off the other stray cats. He even has a tiny chip missing from his ear. Johnny Cash is one of my favorite singers and I could not help but think of the song "A Boy Named Sue". He was such a tough little Guy so he became Sue. My landlord would not allow cats but my time there was ending so I found a new place that would allow cats. He is now healthy happy and loved.
Suzie Q, Silly Sue, Suey
toys shapped like mice, anything with feathers, dinner time, snuggles
nail trimming, the outdoors, the vets office
Favorite Foods
anything my owner puts in front of me.
Favorite Pastimes
naps, eating, playing, terrorizing my brother dog

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