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Meet Mister

Danielle NY

Mister found me in a crowded parking lot. We locked eyes & that was it! He was skinny, dirty & scratched up. We approached each other carefully, I picked him up, he wrapped his dirty paws around my neck & that was that! He is now plump,clean & no more scratches! He is the love of my life, hence the name Mister. He sleeps on my head every night, he knows when I am happy, he knows when I am down in the dumps. He's amazing!

Meester, Fang Fang, Smuggly, Prick...
Donuts, pound cake, my face...
He doesn't like his rear end being touched!
Favorite Foods
Pretty much anything, especially sweets but I don't give them to him as much as he'd like.
Favorite Pastimes
Hugging me, licking my ears, eating, sleeping, being a pest.

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