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Meet Levi and Spooky

The Siamese/Russian blue and Khao Manee Mix
Caroline Frasca Waxhaw, NC

Here's a picture of them together. I've never had two cats that have been this close to each other. They sleep together, play together, and are never seperated. They are both under a year old and I got them about 2-3 weeks apart. They both have incredible rescues stories: Spooky was found in a cemerary, and Levi was rescued from a crowded rescue center. They are both so happy to be home! 


Levi (Left), Spooky (Right)

Both between 3-6 months.
Heichou, Levi, Cat-Coon, Spoops, Spoopy, Spooconis
Causing trouble together, knocking things of shelves, looking out the window
Soda (Spooky's terrified), Fans, Loud noises, water
Favorite Foods
Chicken, Yogurt, and anything Spooky can get her hands on
Favorite Pastimes
Looking at the bird cage, knocking over things on the end table, drinking out of our glasses, playing together, looking out the window

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