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Meet Gideon

The Tabby
Amanda L. Davis Oswego

Meet Gideon. Gideon is a Humane Society rescue cat and a pretty good model, don't you think? Currently Gideon is on a mission to becoming a therapy cat. He has walking on his harness down, even walks himself to the vet, and is good with car rides. He's a pretty demanding cat however, likes to be everywhere his owner is and have her attention almost all the time. He has recently taken up batting at her headset microphone when she's trying to play Xbox.

2 Years
Gids, Giddy, or Jerkface
Food,walks outside, hide and seek, tag, learning tricks, cuddling, string, and people
Being ignored and being feed at 8:05 instead of 8:00
Favorite Foods
Everything including the things I can't have
Favorite Pastimes
Being fawned over at the vet like the superstar I am

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