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Meet KingOreo

The Tuxedo
Deborah Trask Mississauga, Ontario Canada

My big boy had been returned TWICE to the humane society and wasn't even back an hour when I saw him. He wasn't in a cage yet and quickly walked over to me and started talking (He sure had a lot to say!). I asked his name and when told it was Oreo I said 'That's my favourite cookie, I'll take him!". I renamed him KingOreo because he's the coolest, most active and fun cat I've ever had. He is also extremely naughty and needs a lot of fun time.

Bad Boy, Naughty Boy, Fun Boy
Everything having to do with HIM.
Not getting attention even for a few minutes
Favorite Foods
He will only eat canned Friskies Indoor Cat and PurinaOne Smartblend Indoor Hairball dry food
Favorite Pastimes
Following me to the bathroom and begging to be brushed, get his ears and face cleaned and his teeth brushed, He us obsessed with being clean lol.

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