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Meet Dusty

The Fluffy black cat
Portia & Chris London

Dusty is a lovable cat with attitude & snobbery. Despite his duster of a tail, his name actually derives from the Dustbunnies in Japanese Studio Ghibli animations. He likes to sits with his back towards us & whenever he gets the chance, sit above us looking down - he is the cats pyjamas. He pretends he is too mature to play with other felines, instead he tends to hang out with the local vixen and her cubs - they really have a true friendship. 

Dustbunny, Dust, Dustykins, Poop
Posh food, his dad, eating insects, playing with his stuffed gorilla and hog
Cheap food, catnip, his mum
Favorite Foods
Anything expensive, dreamies & lick-e-lix
Favorite Pastimes
Playing peekaboo

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