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Meet Frida Catlo

The Tuxedo
Jessica Vancouver, BC

Frida Catlo is a cross-eyed, mustached creature of beauty. You can't tell from this photo that she has stubby little legs; she is kind of the cat version of a weiner dog. She's about a year old and weighs 8 pounds. She is snuggly, loving, playful and very vocal. She trills and chirps to say hello, to ask for attention and when she is hunting her toys and treats. I adopted her from VOKRA - she was found under a dumpster when she was less than 6 months old.

1 year
Frida Bear, Snoogle Muffin, Frida Pants, Donkey
Snuggling, chasing toys and crumpled paper, hunting her treats
The blender and other loud noises, being ignored
Favorite Foods
Greenies treats, cat food...
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, cuddling, playing, eating

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