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Meet Ozzy

The Persian Cat (doll face)
Cathy Velasquez Lakeview
I'm a cool, happy cat that lets my mom dress me up without giving her a hard time. I love to jump on everything just to make sure the coast is clear and I love watching cartoons and napping. Im a picky eater that hates seafood im more of a turkey & chicken kind of cat dude. I love greeting my mom at the door as she comes hm with kisses and purrs. I'm a gd boy and I don't play or destroy the house I just poop the bed when I'm realllllly really scared ♥ I love life and nap through most of it.
Papas, Papotes, Papa and Oz.
eating, napping, cuddling, purring, catnip, chicken treats and hidding in just about anything I can squeeze into.
baths, seafood, nail clipping, ear cleaning and loud noises.
Favorite Foods
halo chicken hard food and temptation chicken treats and low sodium deli chicken and turkey slices.
Favorite Pastimes
playing and following strings and bubbles ooooh I love bubbles.

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