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Meet Rose Tyler

The Tabby
Mary Logg Portland, Oregon.

Rose Tyler was named after her Doctor Who counterpart. I was going to the shelter to look at cats just as someone was going to give away their cat. She was the most surprising kitten. She was used to being in a car so she just got in & sat on the seat & didn't make a fuss. She is a 1 yr old crazy Tabby cat. She loves her 1 yr old Lab pup brother, playing with bouncy balls, catching birds & sleeping. She has quite the yawn. 

Rosie, Crazy, Rosalinda, Ms. Tyler
Birds, Balls, Bottle Caps, Crinkle Toys, Her Cat stand
Being bothered, Cat Fights with Neighbor cats, Dirty litter
Favorite Foods
Friskies, Tuna
Favorite Pastimes
Bouncing her puppies blue ball all oer the house.

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