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Meet Kung Foo

The Mixed Breed Russian Blue
Kimberly Medio Bensalem, Pa

Kung Foo is an adorable 6 month old male mixed breed Russian Blue baby who began his life as a feral kitten. I brought both him and his momma in when she came down with a very bad case of mastitis and could not feed her kitten. Foo, as we affectionately call him, earned his name because of his habit to stand up on his back legs and wave his front paws back and forth ( like a Kung Fu move) in his attempts to play when he was very small. He loves to cuddle and is a very sweet kitty. 

6 months
Eating, cuddling by the fireplace, wrestling with the family dog, C
The vacuum cleaner
Favorite Foods
Anything and everything!
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping by the fireplace or on the rocker

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