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Meet Buddy

The Brown Tabby
Kat.N Eau Claire, Wisconsin

My tag name is ThunderJam (T.J) but I prefer Buddy, so please just call me Buddy.

When I lay on my back it means I want you to come down to me and rub my belly

I love sun bathing when the sun is in the right spot

I love talking with my humans, they always know what I want (well most of the time)

When it's quiet in the night, when I eat . . . I eat very loudly

Bud, Baby Boy, Baby, The boy with the tail,
Walks, spending my day on the porch, Catnip, playing with my hoop toys and catnip filled toys
Other cats/critters, being picked up but I have no control over that, having to come inside from the porch or from my walk
Favorite Foods
All Natural Purina Cat food, All Natural Treats Flavors: Salmon, Catfish, Seafood medly + more!, turkey
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with my hoops I actully misplace them under the couch and the basement untill my humans found it for me!

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