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Meet Tony

Janice Arnprior

Tony's the sweetest cat. Never had a mean moment in his life..Follows you like a dog.  He could be the poster boy for the saying 'a cat has nine lives'. When we first saw him outside, he had been hit by a car, then someone tried to drown him. We took him in and he got out and went missing for 32 days in the winter and came back just bones & soaking wet. Moved and he ran out the door. Found him at the old house (he had to cross 7 major busy streets to get there!)

Tony, Nony, Tony balogne, Tony big balls (he's neutered now), Big boy
just being near us (he used to be super playful and would play with ANYTHING but thats slowed down lately)
Annie the kitten when she pounces on his head (but she's starting to grow on him as she calms down a little)
Favorite Foods
raw steak bits, sushi, fancy feast canned food,
Favorite Pastimes
sitting on my lap or sleeping on the computer chair or in the window

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