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Meet Sippy

The manx
Tracy Warner Salt Lake City

Sippy was abandoned at our apartment complex by her owners and she ran into our apartment one day and just... stayed.  We've had her for about 5 years now and she has two canine brothers, neither of which she is particularly fond of, but she tolerates the little one best.

About 6 years old
"Sippy" is actually short for "Cipriana", but Sippy has become her more common name now.
cat nip, MY LAP, Fancy Feast, hunting mice
horseplay (like when the dogs play together), the same flavor food two meals in a row,
Favorite Foods
When you figure it out, let me know! She's definitely finicky!
Favorite Pastimes
watching the bird, weaving between my legs when I walk, jumping in my lap in the bathroom, walking across my cluttered computer desk and not knocking a single thing over - just to prove that she is THAT good.

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