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Meet Darcy May

The Domestic longhair
Toni Leesburg, GA

If she'd been a boy, we would have named her Harvey. Batman reference to Two Face. This is my rescue kitty, Darcy. I adopted her on Dec. 14, 2012. She was the sweetest little thing, sticking her paw out of the cage, pulling my finger in, and licking it. I fell in love. Since then she's just been adorable with every bad thing she does. She parkours off our furniture, steals and shreds our toilet paper, knocks over her Nana's plants, and just causes general mayhem. 

Sugar Nuts, Pookie, Boop Boop
Kitty treats, getting brushed, cuddled by all family members, chasing Nana's poodle.
Her mean sister, Roxy, loud noises, fast movements
Favorite Foods
Milk dairy treats, Sunday (cat food) dinners
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, eating, cuddling with mommy and daddy in bed.

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