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Meet Paloma

The Russian Blue & Manx
Allison Freeport

Meet Paloma! A 5 month old kitten that I rescued from a wonderful center in Long Island. This is my first kitten that I've had in a long time, but I really wanted to adopt!

She caught me eye when I saw her trying to clean her short, stubby tail. She's half Manx so it came out that way! I think it just makes her all the more special. 

5 Months
Paloma, Pal, Loma, Little Loma, Stubbs
Chicken, sleeping on the kitchen floor, balls, sleeping on keyboards, people watching from her perch on the window
Loud noises, balls bigger than her, not receiving chicken
Favorite Foods
Chicken, tuna, egg
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with tin foil balls, sleeping with her owner

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