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Meet Slippers

The Tuxedo shorthair
Tammy Crider Fairbanks

He is 11 years old I got him when he was 2 years old front declawed and neutered, he loves to gives hugs and kisses. He follows me everywhere I go in my house. He loves catnip, treats and dry catfood, Slippers also sits on my desk in front of me for a very long time just so happy and purring, he's a mama's boy, loves to sleep with me or on me. Plus he has 2 other cats and a dog to play with. He's part of the family and my son.In the photo is my dog Sammie and Momo..

Slippers is 11 years
Slippy's Slips, Sippy, Slippers
giving hugs, kisses,catnip
Favorite Foods
can catfood and dry catfood

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