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Meet Dorian Gray

The Domestic Shorthair
Kelli Gray Greenland NH

Dorian was adopted by me when I worked at a local veterinary hospital.  He was put in the lobby of the hospital to hopefully entice someone to adopt him.  He would reach his paw through the cage and enjoyed "Shaking hands" with clients.  Many people wanted him, but in the end I found there was only one person who truly loved him..Me!  Photography is a hobby for me and he is a wonderful model (when he lets me practice).  

Cardboard scratchers, mice, his soft white blanket, snuggling in the evenings
He has no dislikes
Favorite Foods
Any of the meat variety...
Favorite Pastimes
Hmmm chasing ping pong balls, scratching the walls, sleeping upside down with one paw over his face

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