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Meet Storm

The tabby

Hi, my name is Storm. I'm a brat at times. I don't talk much, I occasionally chirp. I love cuddles but on my terms only. I know I'm the queen in this house. Mum calls me a jerk and seat stealer on a regular basis. I don't know what shes talking about. When its time for mum and dad to eat they call me a vulter. I love my mouse and I get mad when my sister tries playing with her. Mum calls me a bully because I pick on my sissy a lot, I still love her though.

9 months
spaz, little black panther, baby girl, mamas, baby
laying in the sink, under the sofa, pillowcases, sleeping next to mum, mums chair (when she doesn't kick me off)
socks and bras
Favorite Foods
tuna, egg, cheese, potatoes, spaghetti!!!
Favorite Pastimes
watching tv on mums chair, running up to mum when she sings and cuddle her while she sings to me

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